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About Us

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  • Next Steps For You and I

  • Intro

    Edenas Children is a knowledge base and healing center, which offers a space for those who believe that "Accurate Knowledge is the True Wealth of The World."
    We use Sympathetic Association to bridge the gap between organizations from the Physical, Spiritual and Scientific universes

    Since 1999 this foundation has been in development (see background below). As of August 2004 we are a non-profit foundation in working order to bridge the gap.

    Our children, in America, in the World, are in deserpate need of attention. As of June 2004, there are almost 6.5 Billion people estimated to populate this Earth; 300 million of which populate the United States of America; 54 Million Americans of which suffer with a "mental illness" in any given year.

    • Mental illnesses are far more common that cancer, diabetes, heart disease or arthritis!

    • Approximately 12 young people between the ages 15-24 die everyday by Suicide!

    • More people die from Suicide that from Homicide!

    • The #1 reason for hospital admissions nationwide is a psychiatric disorder!

    • On November 1, 1999, Bill Clinton declared Child Mental Health Month

    • 1 in 10 adults(217,000) in Arizona alone, has a current alcohol or abuse problem severe enough to require treatment

    • 1 in 4 families are affected by a mental illness

    • More than 7 suicides at New York Univeristy in the past 1 year only.

    • At Least 24 suicides in Iraq in the past 1 year

    NOW is the time to pay attention to those who are stuggling, due to chemical, electrical imbalances and mental illnesses. All of us are included. Too many are dying and suffering, there is more that cause for concern, hence it is imperative that this knowledge be known thoughout the universe.

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    In search of an alternative method of treatment to help our son, Erick Mendeloff, who was diagnosed with Bipolar 1, Schizophrenia; having illusional and dilusional experiences because he complained that there were these people talking to him in his head and they wanted him to commit suicide. On the other hand, I had reasons to believe that Erick was having a horrible psychic experience, and that these people who were terrorizing him in his head did exist. The members of the American medical and psychiatric association happened to be way off base in their diagnosing our son Erick C. Mendeloff. Erick felt the same way, that he was being drugged for something that was not happening; he was not mentally ill, he was having a psychic experience. But to my horrible surprise, no one in the medical society seemed to be listening to either Erick nor myself. They did what they wanted to in choosing a treatment for my son. This situation eventually worsened and led up to Erick's suicide death.

    During the four and a half months before his suicide, I searched for a way to stop these voices and thoughts that were being transmitted to Erick's head. First I would have to learn everything I possibly could about the brain and its parts.

    My intent was to find the place in the brain where the emotions were located; to find how these voices were being transmitted to my sonís mind; and then to find an alternative way to treat all of these problems and finally to find a way to stop these messages from reaching my sonís mind and find the people who were in process of taking my child away from us. After Erick left my intentions were to find him and bring him and the other children he said were with him in this place where he and they were taken too after they were removed from this world by accidents, kidnappings, disappearances, suicide, murder, school shootings, police shootings, Aids and other strange viruses ect. In my search I would find that mental disease labels schizophrenia, Suicide, Accidental death, physical diseases, death, the past, the present, the future, are all these different levels of Consciousness that is being experienced within the for components of the brain. These different states of consciousness have many names all relating to the brain and human consciousness-thought. These different states of consciousness are called alpha, beta, theta and delta waves. Also known as the Reptile brain, the Mammal brain, The Primate Brain/Frontal lobes and the Amygdala the click switch or fly back switch that allows you to go in and out of these different parts of your thinking brain which are also named subconscious mind, the instinctual mind, the reasoning mind and the superconscious Mind of the individual.

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    What is our goal

    To educate, heal, and mobilize progressive thinkers. We must bridge the gap between the physical, spiritual, mental and ecological universes; and organize one voice, one movement of change.

    Guiding Principles

    • To create an atmosphere of non-tolernace towards drug abuse, electromagnetic field interference and such, by raising awareness among the public and young people in particular.

    • To foster a healthy mind, body, and spirit by encouraging the participation in ART, sports, music, self-empowerment, and education as an alternative to drugs.

    • To promote a free-thinking, individual minded, chemical and electrical balanced enviroment, by working with adults, youth, community based organizations, and law enforcement agencies in providing information and tools leading to the improvement of individual responsibility, behavior and choices relative to lifestyle, drug production, drug supply, drug demand, lawlessness, and crime.

    • To provide training, parenting skills, entrepreneurship, leadership and career opprotunites, international student exchanges, and any other mechanisms for maintaining a positive and healthy lifestyle through the empowerment of the individual mind, body and spirit and the community.

    • To maintain a working relationship with other local and international bodies which have similar purpose, aims and objectives.

    • To do all such things that are necessary and conductive for attaining the objectives.

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    A Few Next Steps For You & I

    We do not see things as They are
    We see things as We are

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