On the simplest level, science is knowledge of the world of nature. The world of Mother Nature is made up of Vibration. Universal Sympathetic Vibrational Frequency. A synonym for sympathy is "as one"... Everything that is in the Universe is included in it and works with sympathetic vibration.

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The Human Brain humanbrain
The Tree of Life - Your Brain Circuits - Levels of Consciousness - Dimensions-Worlds

The Tree of Life and the Brain Circuits....The Brain and its Components The Reptile Brain, The Mammal Brain and The Primate Brain and the many-different levels of consciousness-worlds-realities above and inside our planet mother earth.

The real problem with Mental Illness.... first of all it needs a Universal Scientific Explanation because it involves Consciousness...Quantum Consciousness...A Sacred Universal Holographic Virtual Reality Educational Computer Game...different States of Consciousness and Altered States of Consciousness...a Universal Situation dealing Heaven on Earth and with UFO, Alien and Extraterrestrial secrets that government is keeping safe away from the masses of people.

We are living in a highly scientific world-universe where everything has to do with a universal holographic computer program known as "The Universal Game of Polarity Soul Integration"

But you would not know that or rather you can’t seem to remember because involve holographic projections which is a projection of a computer program of a spiritual scientific nature.

That part is your subconscious mind-reptile brain, you /we are not all here only the holographic projection of our subconscious mind and the biggest problem is that as scientific as this world is, people are having a very hard time understanding this...because no one in authority 'media or religious organizations has ever said anything substancial about the subject matter that part of the/our brain's where we can make any sense of what is going on has been blocked by all the chemical and electrical mishaps that has taken place on this planet over the past thirty years.

"we the people" cant and just won't understand until the truth about Heaven and this Physical Creation UFO'And Exteraterrestrial are all revealed and explained to the general-mass public especially to Parents who have children who are the victims of death, suicide and mental illness.

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The Indigos :
Indigo Type-3's are the children who have been targeted by the recent Illuminati false disease ADD-ADHD Campaigns -Attention Deficit Disorder-Attention Deficit-Hyperactive-Disorder. In this campaign, a false set of disease criteria that represent symptoms of difficulty in 6th-DNA Strand Template activation -common to Indigo-Type-3's- were established by certain drug companies on behalf of Illuminati organizations

It is time to put a stop to all diseases Mental, Emotional and Physical by knowing about your Spiritul/Scientific Part.
There has to be some parent mother or father out there other than myself who is willing to stand up to these so called world leaders and put and end to The Mental Diseases Labels The Physical Disease Labels and The Death Labels that they have been giving our children and young adults. They have no rights to victimize our children and destroy our family units using these Labels. In all fairness all the bad things such as the War on Terrorism… Mr President Bush Speeches, our children dying by kidnappings, rapes, disappearances, suicide, accidents, school shootings, polices shooting our children, drug usage and addictions, along with arrest and convictions and imprisonment for their own game plan. The problem is and has been no one believes because they can’t see. And you cant see because beside not knowing any of this information they work on the general public from their underground bases and cities. The story is that none of this is real this is what the children who are being labeled mentally diseased are telling us parent. But because we have no idea what they are talking about we believe that we are doing the right thing taking them to people who represent The American Medical and Psychiatric Association for help in deciphering their problem. What we as parents don’t know or want to know is responsible for the victimization of all children that are being labeled with a mental disease or dying by the above method. There is hope for us through listening to what our children and the so-called Schizophrenic or any other person with a mental diseased label have to say then find the right place or person for help. This Web-Site is the Place.

The reality of all situations has to be understood that just what Governments and Military Organizations are in the midst of doing is totally uncalled for because they will not succeed no matter what they do. What is happening around us has to do with a most Sacred and important situation called Physical Creation and a process known to many as The Ascension. And in order to keep the Ascension Process a secret from the people we have Mental Disease Labels, Physical Disease Labels and Death. To keep The Ascension Process a secret from the people the mothers and fathers we are being lied to about the disappearance, the kidnappings, the school shootings, the police shootings, accidental deaths, suicide deaths and the imprisonment of our children and young people. To keep the Ascension a secret Death has been horribly used. To keep The Ascension a secret the people from the Underworlds, UFO and Alien Proper-gander has been used on the down side to scare the people from their own Ancient, galactic and universal history, get a grip people the irony of the big picture is that we are all Aliens, Extraterrestrials and people from the future. This is what this The 9-11-01 Attack on America, War on Terrorism and the search for the terrorist enemy has been all about.

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Mental & Physical Diseases due to Altered States of Consciousness

femalepillar LIFE and DEATH, "The illusion of the classical scientific paradigm that is shattered by the quantum principle is the assumption that there is an immutable objective reality "out there" that is totally independent of what happens in consciousness "in here." Quantum theory forces a new kind of logic in science that is still mathematical and disciplined. The Nobel Prize physicist Eugene Wigner of Princeton has repeatedly written that consciousness is at the root of the quantum measurement problem. . Corrections and additions to and about The Universal Game of Polarity Soul Integration via Dimensional Ascension a Sacred Holographic Virtual Reality Video Game… The Universe as a Hologram
"A hologram is a three- dimensional photograph made with the aid of a laser. To make a hologram, the object to be photographed is first bathed in the light of a laser beam. Then a second laser beam is bounced off the reflected light of the first and the resulting interference pattern (the area where the two laser beams commingle) is captured on film. When the film is developed, it looks like a meaningless swirl of light and dark lines. But as soon as the developed film is illuminated by another laser beam, a three-dimensional image of the original object appears.”

Heaven and Earth are the father and mother of the ten thousand things. Men are the sensibility of the ten thousand things. Confucianism. Book of History 5.1.1: The Great Declaration

Depression; Anxiety; Manic Depression-Bipolar Disorder; Schizophrenia or Psychosis; Schizophrenia-hearing voices and thoughts, Agoraphobia, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder; Attention Deficit Disorder;

Physical Diseases Alzheimer Stroke, Thyroid Disturbances, Aging, Seizures, AIDS; Memory Deficient; Incoherence and Psychosis; Alcoholism; Estrogen failure, Dying, Death and other named diseases are all Brain Chemical Imbalances which is caused by Electrical or

Chemical instability and Electrical instability are both caused by internal and external interference with the neurotransmitters and of and with a persons Electromagnetic Field better known as The Human Aura and that of the Chakra System

Consciousness…. a psychological condition defined by the English philosopher John Locke as “the perception of what passes in a man's own mind.”
The behaviourist view.
The failure of introspection to reveal consistent laws led to the rejection of all mental states as proper subjects of scientific study. In behaviourist psychology, derived primarily from work of the American psychologist John B. Watson in the early 1900s, the concept of consciousness was irrelevant to the objective investigation of human behaviour and was doctrinally ignored in research. Neobehaviourists, however, adopted a more liberal posture toward mentalistic states such as consciousness. Early views…Manas…(Sanskrit: “thought”), in Indian philosophy, the human “mind,” that faculty which coordinates sensory impressions before they are presented to the consciousness. Thus, when a person sees, hears, and smells an object—three different and not necessarily related impressions—the manas makes certain that he is conscious that it is the same object. “Encyclopedia Britannica 2003”

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The three major categories of substances that act as neurotransmitters are (1) amino acids (primarily glutamic acid, GABA, aspartic acid & glycine), (2) peptides (vasopressin, somatostatin, neurotensin, etc.) and (3) monoamines (norepinephrine, dopamine & serotonin) plus acetylcholine. The major "workhorse" neurotransmitters of the brain are glutamic acid (=glutamate) and GABA. The monoamines & acetylcholine perform specialized modulating functions, often confined to specific structures. The peptides perform specialized functions in the hypothalamus or act as co-factors elsewhere in the brain.

Although there are many neurotransmitters in the central nervous system, the peripheral nervous system has only two: acetylcholine and norepinephrine. Why are there so many brain neurotransmitters? Because the functions performed by brain neurotransmitters are not as uniform as they might superficially appear. Some (like glutamate) are excitatory, whereas others (like GABA) are primarily inhibitory. In many cases (as with dopamine) it is the receptor, which determines whether the transmitter is excitatory or inhibitory. Receptors can also determine whether a transmitter acts rapidly by direct action on an ion channel (eg, nicotinic acetylcholine receptors) or slowly, by a second-messenger system that allows for synaptic plasticity (eg, muscarinic acetylcholine receptors). Speed & mechanism of transmitter inactivation after the signal has been sent is also a factor. There are probably also costs & benefits involved in synthesizing, transporting and recycling various neurotranmitters in the differing chemical mileus of the brain.
Many of these issues will become more clear in discussing the synthesis, distribution and function of the major brain...Brain Neurotransmitters

The Chakra

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Immediate (scratch-pad) memory is active in the working-memory areas of the frontal lobes. Recent memory is processed by the hippocampus. Long-term memory for information (such as the date of your birthday) is likely stored in the parietal lobe, whereas long-term memories of events in your life (such as a birthday party) is likely to be stored in the temporal lobe. Recalling a memory, however, will also activate the frontal lobe. Nonetheless, memory in the brain does not function like memory in a computer. Recalling the image of a banana does not simply mean retrieving an item from disk (temporal or parietal) into active RAM (frontal lobe active memory). In the brain, recalling a memory means activation of neurons at the sites of memory storage. (Sites is plural, because memory storage is undoubtedly coded as synaptic strengths for many synapses distributed among many neurons.) A person with a lesion in the V4 (color) area who does not see colors fails to see color in memory. A remembered banana will be "remembered" as gray, even if the memory of the banana was formed prior to the lesion. The search for the engram (single memory storage site) probably failed because there is no engram -- memory is distributed, not localized.

Our identity, our active consciousness, is not simply the sum of our memories. The vast majority of our memories are lying latent in - DNA/RNA cellular memory and what is known as JunkDNA - our minds most of the time. While we are remembering that we must renew our driver's license, we are not remembering the name of the capitol of France, or the number of planets in the solar system or meaning of the word "holography". Memory must be organized in such a way that we can know what we know and have a way of retrieving the memories we want, when we want them…

The sympathetic nervous system is dedicated to what might be called emotional responses, whereas the parasympathetic nervous system is more concerned with localized regulation of organ function. Nonetheless, parasympathetic involvement is seen in emotion when, for example, a fearful person involuntarily urinates or defecates. It has not been possible to differentiate the anatomical responses of fear from those of anger at the level of the central gray or below -- so it is common to speak of the "fight/flight" response. Electrical stimulation of the amygdala can produce fear or anger, depending on the spot stimulated. Stimulation of the septum usually results in delight sexual-arousal. Stimulation of the globus pallidus and the midcenter of the thalamus can produce a feeling of joy.

Fear might be described as a "reflex" of a peculiar sort -- a reflex of the autonomic system to an environmental situation which the cerebral cortex regards to be threatening. It is often a conditioned reflex (ie, a learned reflex), but not always -- e.g., the "startle reflex" to a sudden loud sound. Although fear may be a deeply conditioned reflex -- a phobia of snakes, for example -- it can also have highly cognitive associations. A person may be very afraid of pit bull terriers, and yet have much of that fear vanish instantly upon learning that the dog in the old "Little Rascals" film-series was a pit bull terrier. Fear is motivating because it places the organism in a physiological state in which to effectively fight or flee -- and in a psychological state to want to relieve the "stress" through fight or flight. Fear and other emotions can also contribute to learning -- the close association of the amygdala and the hippocampus is no accident. Emotion means meaningfulness -- and we most readily learn & remember those things which are most personally meaningful to us.

Fear is the emotion that has been most studied & thought-about by philosophers, psychologists and physiologists. Attempts to exhaustively and distinctively categorize emotions are a source of dispute among experts. Anger, Love, Enthusiasm, Lust, Sadness, Boredom, Hate, Hope, Jealousy, and many other emotions can be named, but they do not all seem entirely distinct. Jealousy is a kind of anger. Hate seems to be anger in a more hardened form. Anxiety is certainly a kind of fear -- and modifiers can further refine the emotion, as in "performance anxiety" or "free-floating anxiety".

Fear seems to be the most widely evident emotion in the animal kingdom, although the emotional repertoire of other species may be as distinct as their physiologies. Dogs seem to show Shame, but it is hard to imagine this emotion in a frog. Shame, Embarrassment, Jealousy and Envy are emotions that are directly connected to human relations. Love and Anger can involve other species. Unlike Anger or Fear, Grief is an emotion that does not appear to motivate. Perhaps, however, it motivates thought, rather than action, thereby leading the subject to re-examine and re-organize his/her life so as to prevent future tragedy. If so, this emotion should be distinctively found in species with a well-developed cerebral cortex -- as is the case with the aforementioned "social emotions".

Patients with damage to areas of the right cortex corresponding to the language areas of the left cortex have difficulty conveying emotion in speech and have difficulty understanding the emotional overtones in the language they see and hear. The right temporal lobe is specialized for recognizing the emotional content of facial expression. A patient with damage to the left motor cortex cannot voluntarily smile, but will involuntarily smile in a normal manner in response to positive emotion. A patient with damage to the left anterior cingulate gyrus shows the opposite effect -- not smiling involuntarily in response to emotion, but able to mechanically produce an artificial smile under voluntary control. Experiments have demonstrated faster reaction times to warning stimuli sent to the right brain, leading some experimentalists to conclude that the right brain is the source of intention.

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There is controversy over whether cutting the corpus callosum produces two distinct "selfs", each with a complete personal identity -- one in the left cerebral hemisphere and one in the right. Nobel laureate Roger Sperry has contended that this is true, whereas Nobel laureate Sir John Eccles maintained that the right hemisphere is a mere "automaton".

The left and right hands of a split-brain monkey have been observed to seemingly fight over a peanut. Human patients with a severed corpus callosum demonstrate an awareness with left hand/right cortex which differs from that of the right hand/left cortex. This occasionally even leads to conflicting behavior between the right hand and left hand.

I cannot offer a conclusive interpretation of the split-brain experiment, but I can make a few observations. If the left arm were connected to the thirst center of the hypothalamus and the right arm were connected to the hunger center, I can imagine that the left arm might reach for water and the right arm might reach for food. If there is no homunculus in the brain there may be many different control centers or, at least, control centers may compete for control of action on the basis of competing inputs from different areas of the brain. Using the analogy of the visual cortex V1, V2, V3, etc. areas, control centers C1, C2, C3, etc. could receive inputs from motivation centers M1, M2, M3, etc. and decision inputs from cognitive judgement centers J1, J2, J3, etc. The control center with the strongest inputs may result in action. Severing many of these areas and giving them control of limb L1, L2, L3, etc. could result in actions by the different limbs which are at variance with each other.

Split-brain patients are notable for their loss of creativity. The patients often complain that they no longer dream (or, rather, that is the report from the left hemisphere). Having two hemispheres gives us many of the benefits of double-entry bookkeeping -- a certain redundancy allows for the detection and correction of errors. Much of our creativity and decision-making involves resolving conflicting desires and perspectives arising from different brain centers and different cortical hemispheres. Even if cutting the corpus callosum does produce two distinct personal identities, they are both probably impoverished vestiges of the original singular identity. I don't believe that the unity of conscious experienced by a person with an intact corpus callosum is an illusion.

Unconsciousness…also called Subconscious, the complex of mental activities within an individual that proceed without his awareness. Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis, stated that such unconscious processes may affect a person's behaviour even though he cannot report on them. Freud and his followers felt that dreams and slips of the tongue were really concealed examples of unconscious content too threatening to be confronted directly.

Some theorists (e.g., the early experimental psychologist Wilhelm Wundt) denied the role of unconscious processes, defining psychology as the study of conscious states. Yet, the existence of unconscious mental activities seems well established and continues to be an important concept in modern psychiatry.

Freud distinguished among different levels of consciousness. Activities within the immediate field of awareness he termed conscious; e.g., reading this article is a conscious activity. The retention of data easily brought to awareness is a preconscious activity; for example, one may not be thinking (conscious) of his address but readily recalls it when asked. Data that cannot be recalled with effort at a specific time but that later may be remembered are retained on an unconscious level. For example, under ordinary conditions a person may be unconscious of ever having been locked in a closet as a child; yet under hypnosis he may recall the experience vividly. Encyclopedia Britannica 2003

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Is morality based on reason or on feelings?

Machiavelli- II Principe…

Although the Renaissance did not produce any outstanding moral philosophers, there is one writer whose work is of some importance in the history of ethics: the Italian author and statesman Niccolò Machiavelli. His book Il principe (1513; The Prince) offered advice to rulers as to what they must do to achieve their aims and secure their power. Its significance for ethics lies precisely in the fact that Machiavelli's advice ignores the usual ethical rules: “It is necessary for a prince, who wishes to maintain himself, to learn how not to be good, and to use this knowledge and not use it, according to the necessities of the case.” There had not been so frank a rejection of morality since the Greek Sophists. So startling is the cynicism of Machiavelli's advice that it has been suggested that Il principe was an attempt to satirize the conduct of the princely rulers of Renaissance Italy. It may be more accurate, however, to view Machiavelli as an early political scientist, concerned only with setting out what human beings are like and how power is maintained, with no intention of passing moral judgment on the state of affairs described. In any case, Il principe gained instant notoriety, and Machiavelli's name became synonymous with political cynicism and deviousness. In spite of the chorus of condemnation, the work has led to a sharper appreciation of the difference between the lofty ethical systems of the philosophers and the practical realities of political life.

"It’s a wonder I haven’t abandoned all my ideals, they seem so absurd and impractical. Yet I cling to them because I still believe, in spite of everything, that people are truly good at heart..." - diary of Anne Frank

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These are some of the reasons for a major global adjustment is needed to adjust peoples thinking and knowledge concerning Mental Illnesses, Physical Illness, Death and ASCENSION within the Universal Game of Polarity Soul Integration via dimensional Ascension. According to Einstein The special theory of relativity, formulated by Albert Einstein in 1905, is based on the experimentally confirmed idea that the velocity of light is the same universal constant, c= 3x1010 cm./sec., for all observers who move uniformly in straight lines relative to each other. Consequently, Einstein's genius deduced that events which are simultaneous to one observer are not simultaneous to a second observer. Furthermore, moving clocks run slow. Moving measuring sticks contract in length along the direction of motion. Energy is equivalent to mass -- i.e. E = mc2. And the mass of a particle increases to infinity as the velocity approaches that of light. Einstein's results have been confirmed many times in physics laboratories. Like all scientific facts, these results presuppose that the observers are in a common state of consciousness whose legitimacy is determined by their agreement or social contract. The legitimacy accorded any scientific theory is a sociological matter. In fact, one interpretation of quantum physics is that physical reality does not objectively exist independent of the participating observers

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Psychotronic Devices

Here is a comparison to U.S. victims. Cahra has heard from victims all over the world. Here is a description of the cluster of symptoms common to most victims. 24 hours 7 days a week, for years on end, victims are subjected to all kinds of harassment and torture. Most agree that the technology can remotely target and control every nerve of the body. Heart rate can speed up and slow down, bowel movements can be regulated, illnesses can turn on and off in an instant. Victims report microwave hearing or voices in the head and sleep deprivation. Thoughts can be read, and played back to the victim, instanteously. People around the victim can repeat verbatim, the victim's immediate thoughts. Dreams are manipulated, behaviors controlled, emotions literally played with and all types of pain can be started and stopped in all parts of the body. Remote sexual manipulation and abuse with pedophilia, homosexual and degrading themes are reported regularly. Microwave burns are frequently reported, along with all types of bizarre and harassive manipulation of electrical equipment, phone, car, TV and computers. Black bag intelligence tactics of tire slashings, break ins and mail tampering are reported. Hologram are projected. According to victims, it is vicious, amoral, sadistic and cruel. Most victims describe the experience as very debilitating and liken it to mental rape, prison or total destruction of the quality of one's life. Most are labeled mentally ill and live with financial ruin. loss of health, social life and career. All say the technology is very sophisticated and effective as a weapon. Some victims say they would use it on their torturers and feel vindication. It is like a slow death.

The book "Psychotronic War" by Gurtovi included a description. "The weapon seems to be capable, secretly, imperceptibly, work on his psyche, mind, behavior, desires, wishes, ...A wave of monstrous heat struck all of his body and firmly squeezed him." The section by Emilia Cherkova stated, "The victims are `tortured' secretly right in their house, from behind the walls of neighboring rooms ..." An article in the book stated, "persecution of citizens by methods of distant manipulation of the brain by means of ultrasound, microwaves, laser beams and as well computers..."

Nothing in the U.S. is comparable to this body of evidence of Russian mind control weapons, nothing even close. The US has been silent on this issue for over fifty years. The U.S. has repeatedly stated that Russia has mind control research, technology and weapons based on athermal effects of emr. But contrary to logic, the U.S. position was that there are no provable athermal effects from emr, according the U.S. scientists. (See DIA report and Project Pandora below). Overall, the U.S. position is that there was no U.S. research, technology or weapons based on athermal emr effects. Up to the 1990s, the U.S. government has stated that RF weapons are "too sensitive to discuss'(CNN1985) and that "Soviet mind control information" is classified, (1997 CIA/NSA foia letter). With the break up of the Soviet Union, the Pentagon unveiled the nonlethal weapons program, including weapons based on athermal emr effects, (U.S. News, 1997). Publicly, the fifty year U.S. policy of `no proven athermal emr effects' took a 180 degree about face.

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All ye under the heaven! Regard heaven as your father, earth as your mother, and all things as your brothers and sisters.
Shinto. Oracle of the Kami of Atsuta

“Larry Dossey, M.D., author of Space, Time & Medicine writes: Today nearly everyone is familiar with holograms, three-dimensional images projected into space with the aid of a laser. Now, two of the world's most eminent thinkers -- University of London physicist David Bohm, a former protégé of Einstein's and one of the world's most respected quantum physicists, and Stanford neurophysiologist Karl Pribram, one of the architects of our modern understanding-of-the brain -- believe that the universe itself may be a giant hologram, quite literally a kind of image or construct created, at least in part, by the human mind. This remarkable new way of looking at the universe explains not only many of the unsolved puzzles of physics, but also such mysterious occurrences as telepathy, out-of-body and near-death experiences, "lucid" dreams, and even religious and mystical experiences such as feelings of cosmic unity and miraculous healings”

From the Ann Frank Diary…"Have you ever heard the term 'hostages'? That's the latest punishment for saboteurs. It's the most horrible thing you can imagine. Leading citizens--innocent people--are taken prisoner to await their execution. If the Gestapo can't find the saboteur, they simply grab five hostages and line them up against the wall. You read the announcements of their death in the paper, where they're referred to as 'fatal accidents.'" - October 9, 1942 …

"Behold, I come quickly: hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown" (Revelation 3:11). Jesus… The illuminati have six chairs on their ascended masters council: sciences, government, leadership, scholarship, spiritual and military.

We do not see things as They are
We see things as We are

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