I knew that my son Erick was having a psychic opening experience, a spiritual awakening, he had abilities psychic abilities one being the ability to hear the voices and thoughts of other people.clairvoyance in the normal world we call this schizoprenia

Experiencing spiritual awake-ness so to say. He was having problems with Manhattan College Administration how to handle this and so I left it alone, quietly, and was going to let it take its own course. Was experiencing Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Mental telepathy. When it comes to the truth about my son Erick’s mental illness that was caused by LSD given to him without his knowing, which led to Mental Illness Bipolar 1, Schizophrenia, diagnosed as having illusional and delusional experiences, because he had acquired psychic abilities which allowed him to hear voices and thought of other people in this Universe he was Clairvoyant, Clairaudience and mental telepathy.

While I was researching the subject at hand and how to go about organizing a group to integrate psychic awareness into the medical and psychiatric association my son would encounter those who made his psychic experiences the most horrible time in his life. All leading to Erick’s permanent abduction which would take place under the guise of Suicide death and I was forced to put the organization aside and search for my son whose whole situation turned out to be about government hiding the truth and using death to hide this truth. The Gaia Matrix and the Universal Game of Polarity Soul Integration via Dimensional Ascension, Creation of all life forms in Mother Natures Kingdoms, into the physical, and becoming Immortal Immortality Resurrection Ascension.

***Psychic powers-abilities are: clairvoyance, Clairaudience Clairsentience, precognition, telepathy, channeling, psychokinesis, Psychometry***
Clairaudience - Psychic Abilities
Psychic Powers

Brain Chemical and Electrical Imbalances

Organic Syndromes

Numerous cause exists
  • aging
  • seziures
  • amphetamine abuse
  • alcoholism prolonged
  • aids
  • thinking and social judgement can be impaired - personality changed - memory deficent

In severe cases
  • disorientation
  • incoherence
  • psychosis
  • ocassionally mood is an altered feature.


We do not see things as They are
We see things as We are

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